From the recording The Reason We Fall


Well, I thought about doing it sometimes

Letting go of regret if I hold
And embracing the bad in the good times

I’m astonished that I stayed alive
Long enough to revive all these old rhymes

But thank god that I did

Only thinking of doing it most days

Upon further reflection, however,
I think it was closer to always

So what now do I do with the tears
I accrued during all of the old days?

It’s a hell of a life we live

But I miss the sun
And I miss the birds
Hell, I miss the sight of your smile
Though it hurts

‘Til I miss your lips
Do I miss my folks
If I miss how loud you can be with your sips
And the subsequent jokes

And I know I’ll be needing some help now

‘Cause If everyone’s going through this
Then I don’t know how anyone gets out

Out of pain and perpetual peril
Of placing a barrel in my mouth

But thank god do I live

Every day am I closer to alright

Take a toss and a turn and we finally learn
It won’t ever be all light

In a curious scene do we learn that
The reason we fall is to take flight

It’s a beautiful life we live

So I love the wind
And I love the rain
Hell, I love the sound of the soul
Through the pain

‘Til I love the end
Do I love the start
If I love the heat of your head to my breast
And the beat of your heart

What I wouldn’t do
If I could enisle for to tie me to you

To pray for the light
To leave us alone
But I hear a voice singing deep in the night
And it’s bringing me home