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Azure Larkwood is an award-winning poet, musician, and performing artist born and raised in the heart of the Missoula Valley. From brooding piano ballads to contemporary folk tunes, Azure's bare, confessional music is laden with the deeply personal color of a small-town singer-songwriter. 

Shaped by the folk, flora, and fauna of their mountain home, Azure's sharp, stirring lyrics poetically articulate the intolerable love, debilitating grief, and existential longing of the holistic human experience. Their debut EP, The Reason We Fall, is a cathartic dissemination of regret, forgiveness, and hope; a love letter to the bittersweet memory of youth. Soon to follow is their sophomore EP, Father Watches News—a dissenting embrace of impermanence and awakening in an age of isolation and conditional morality. 

Azure's growing body of work as an independent artist has been presented in theaters, clubs, and galleries across Montana. To inquire about booking or collaboration, contact

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